what are New Dreams for 2019 by brother Noman Ali Khan, islamic scholar Bayyinah Institute

what are New Dreams for 2019 by brother Noman Ali Khan, islamic scholar ,

Bayyinah Institute

This video will explain some of the thinking and rationale behind the drastic changes being brought to Bayyinah. I wanted to add a couple of comments for my followers. The Dream program on our campus running full time was costing students almost 8 thousand dollars for the academic year. When I made the program global last year, I and my team considered all of our costs to run the program including venues, travel, technology, and staff and made attempts to reduce the tuition as much as possible and arrived at a thousand dollars. Though much more affordable than before, I know that this was still a big ask for so many who would love to learn the Qurans language. Even then our programs were doing little more than breaking even because as always, the primary consideration was still not revenues for the organization but rather delivering a quality service. Despite very serious financial considerations, I’ve decided to take yet another leap in committing to the original spirit of Bayyinah: to make the Qurans education as affordable and as accessible to as many people as possible around the world. So now, the dream program has been restructured with the sole aim of revolutionizing how accessible we can make this learning for all of you. The Dream program is made up of two parts now. A 10-Day intensive that I will teach in person to start you off and then continued online learning. The 10-Day intensive is going to cost students $100 if they can afford it. If they cannot it will cost them nothing. No explanations need to be given. If there is room to sit and learn, come sit and learn. No questions asked. The online follow up is going to be made up of several components. Those are as follows: 1. A complete set of pre-recorded lessons and homework’s made available altogether at Bayyinah.tv. The subscription to Bayyinah.tv is $11 per month. If you can’t afford it, a gift subscription will be sought out for you. 2. A complete textbook and a complete workbook made available for free in digital form for all students that continue their study online. You are free to share, print, translate and teach using this material. No questions asked. 3. Online question-answer sessions on Facebook live every week through most of the year. These will be open to the public though priority will be given to registered student questions. I firmly stand by the quality of education we delivered through the years and am proud and grateful to say that our past students got more than they paid for their tuitions. Years of hard work of myself and my students and colleagues have gone into producing this curriculum and refining it. And now I am grateful that because of our past student bodies support, we are able to open the world of this knowledge up to so many more albeit at a risk to the organization itself. I am however completely content and optimistic that Allah will bless this effort and its sincerity and your prayers will be the backbone of its success. Watch the video for instructions on how to bring the dream program to your community regardless of where you are in the world. وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته


Bayyinah Institute

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